Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge is named for Clayoquot Sound, a vast, 62-mile (100km) wide inlet of the Pacific Ocean on which it is located. The sound is made up of a series of remote inlets, private bays and small islands surrounded by pristine, old-growth conifer forest. An ancient landscape carved by the ocean, the west coast of British Columbia’s Vancouver Island is richly biodiverse. Untouched by time, the coastal ecosystem has evolved freely and now plays host to thousands of species of flora and fauna. Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge is set at the doorstep of this precious wilderness, and is rewarded with direct and exclusive access to one of nature’s great amphitheatres. How do I get there?

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Clayoquot Sound was designated as a UNESCO protected Biosphere Reserve in 2000. A diverse range of ecosystems exists within the reserve, ranging from temperate coastal rainforest and old growth conifer forest to oceans and rocky coastal shores. Clayoquot Wilderness Resort is located at the very centre of the reserve, at the northeast end of a seven mile-long (11km) deep water fjord at Bedwell Sound – part of Clayoquot Sound – at the mouth of the Bedwell River.

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Unforgettable encounters

Adventures abound in the wildly diverse natural playground at Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge with seemingly endless options from exhilarating heli-flights and remote hiking to rewarding wildlife-spotting and yoga. The experiences on offer at Clayoquot promise an unforgettable journey of shared discovery and memory-making with those who matter most.

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Walk the Wildside

A full day showcasing the most rewarding experiences of Clayoquot Sound. Guests jump in a Zodiac boat across the sound, before hiking pristine wilderness to the remote First Nations village of Ahousaht.

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Heli Hiking

This incredible experience offers guest the amazing opportunity to be whisked away from sea level to epic hiking locations at over 3000ft above sea level in a matter of minutes.

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Horseback Riding

Clayoquot presents a lush and diverse landscape ideal for exploring on horseback. The lodge’s thirty horses are stabled in a barn and paddocks up the valley ready for guest use, along with tack and cowboy boots!

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Clayoquot Sound is a wonderful playground for marine activities where guests can try their hand at either relaxing or more challenging paddling adventures, from canoes and kayaks to stand up paddle boards.

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A short paddle from the suspension bridge reaches a glacier-fed waterfall channel, with access to some wonderful hidden waterholes. Here, guests have the chance to swim, float and explore the crystal-clear waters and see fish swimming below the surface.

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Heli Fly Fishing

Clayoquot’s heli fly fishing adventure takes fly fishing to new heights, reaching remote, secret fishing spots accessible only by helicopter, with tips and tricks shared by expert angler guides.

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Heli Adventure

A heli-adventure getaway that can be tailored for an incredible day out, to suit a couple, family, or everyone. Fly high above Clayoquot Sound to access an exclusive location for hiking, swimming or picnicking.

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A cultural

Clayoquot derives from ‘Tla-o-qui-aht,’ the largest community of the Nuu-chah-nulth First Nation peoples who have lived around the sound for more than 2000 years. Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge is located in the First Nations territory of Ahousaht where guests can visit the ancestral village. Since 1995, Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge and the Nuu-chah-nulth have fostered a friendship-based partnership built on a mutual desire to honour, celebrate, protect and educate guests about the region’s natural and cultural heritage.

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Prolific wildlife

Abundant wildlife

Clayoquot Sound’s protected ecosystem comprising temperate rainforest, lakes, rivers and alpine peaks provides habitats for a vast array of species, many of which are endangered or rare. Temperate rainforest makes up a majority of the Biosphere Reserve’s land component and is dominated by large trees including the Western Hemlock and Western Red Cedar, while around 300 animal species include the American black bear, cougar, American mink and grey wolf. The sound is home to grey whales, orcas, humpback whales and porpoises as well as the California sea lion.

Local flavors

Local flavors

Clayoquot Sound’s pristine natural environment also produces a bounty of seafood and edible wild and harvested plants, fruits and vegetables. Local produce that appears regularly on the menu at the Clayoquot Cookhouse include singing-fresh fish, crabs and scallops, foraged wild mushrooms, turnips and radishes, cabbage and berries. Local wild and sustainably produced ingredients feature in a dining experience that offers a taste of Vancouver Island’s natural beauty. Read about our Dining Philosophy.

Vancouver Island Seasons

The temperate rainforests that dominate the landscape and ecosystem at Clayoquot Sound also drive the weather systems. While the region generally receives good rains that sustain its forests, in summertime the conditions are warm and quite dry, ideal for marine sports and outdoor activities and making summer and shoulder months an ideal time to visit. The temperate rainforests that dominate the landscape and ecosystem at Clayoquot Sound also drive the weather systems. In summertime, the conditions are warm and dry, ideal for marine sports and outdoor activities and making summer and shoulder months an ideal time to visit.




Winters on 'The Wet Coast' are temperate, and if snow falls it doesn’t stay long. The winds pick up to produce bigger swell with more power and storm watching is one of the top things to do. Fun winter festivals in Tofino keep spirits high and bring everyone together.
Daytime temperatures range from 1-8°C (33-46 F) in Winter.




As the weather warms up during spring, summer activities begin in earnest from May onwards. The laziest of the black bears awaken from the winter’s hibernation and can be spotted along the coastline feasting on the first wild berries of the season.
Daytime temperatures range from 7-14°C (44-57 F) in Spring.




Summer is in full swing with warm temperatures during the day and comfortable cooler temperatures overnight. Whale migration is at its peak along the coastline. Summer is driest of all four seasons, making it an ideal time to explore.
Daytime temperatures range from 11-19°C (51-66 F) in Summer.




Temperatures gradually begin to fall and surf swell around the coast increases. The salmon begin their run up the Bedwell River and the many black bears find their den for the winter as Clayoquot prepares to close for the season.
Daytime temperatures range from 9-17°C (48-62 F) in Fall.

Getting there

The easiest and quickest way to travel to Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge is to fly to Vancouver, British Columbia and connect with a scenic 45-minute seaplane flight directly to the resort dock on Clayoquot Sound.

  • Seaplane

    Arrival by scenic seaplane flight is the most popular, conveniently and generally spectacular means of transport to and from Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge. Clayoquot Reservations can assist with both flights and airport transfers.

    Clayoquot works with Richmond Seair Seaplanes as preferred operator, which offers service on 5, 7 or 9-seater single engine planes departing Vancouver Airport’s South River Terminal at regular scheduled times. Guests are advised to land at Vancouver Airport by 12 noon for the 15-minute transfer to the terminal.

    Guests may opt for private private charter seaplane flights direct to the lodge dock.

    Recommended baggage limit is 40lb (18kilos) per person.

    Seaplane transfers cost CAD$625 per person, each way.

  • Boat

    Guests can also boat in on Clayoquot’s own 12-seater vessel, The Norwester for the 35-minute passage from Tofino. Complimentary car parking is available and coordinated by our reservations team, who arrange a valet service at Tofino Resort and Marina. Boat transfers cost CAD$300 each way per group of up to seven guests.

  • Essential information

    Travelling by seaplane

    Standard vehicle transfers operate from Vancouver International Terminal to the Richmond Seair departure lounge at South River Terminal to meet scheduled seaplane departures. Rates for the 15 minute transfer are CAD$20 per person.

    Self-drive directions from Vancouver Airport to South River Terminal:

    · Follow the Grant McConachie Highway.
    · Turn right onto Russ Baker Way.
    · Turn right onto Inglis Drive (McDonald’s Restaurant on the left).
    · Important: do not turn right at the first airport road south.
    · Follow the road (river to the left) to the Seair Seaplanes terminal on the water’s edge.

    Travelling by boat from Tofino

    Vehicle – Guest Parking is available at no additional cost. Guests are asked to arrive at the Tofino Resort and Marina (located at 634 Campbell St, Tofino, BC V0R 2Z0) for a 3pm departure. A valet parking service is available.

    Flight – Guests flying into Tofino Airport are asked to advise Clayoquot reservations of arrival time (suggested between 12-4pm) and transportation will be arranged via the lodge to the Tofino Resort and Marina.

    Hotel – Guests departing a Tofino hotel prior to their arrival at the lodge are asked to advise Clayoquot reservations and transportation will be arranged by the lodge from the hotel to the Tofino Resort and Marina.

    Both Hotel and Flight – shuttles are arranged with either Pacific Rim Navigators or the lodge team will provide transportation based on the number of guests.

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Wild luxury

Gloriously remote and set in one of Canada’s wildest and most astounding natural settings, Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge offers guests an unforgettable experience of Vancouver Island, where the landscape and wildlife combine in an enchanting adventure.

Step inside

Local flavors

Cuisine is fine, luxurious, and comforting - rooted in sustainable ingredients, sourced, foraged, and harvested almost entirely from Clayoquot Sound and Vancouver Island, and delivered daily to the resort by boat.

Whet your appetite

Heaven sent

The Healing Grounds Spa offers a menu of rejuvenating treatments including hot stone massage and toning facials, yoga, sound healing and forest bathing.