Gloriously remote and set in one of Canada’s wildest and most astounding natural settings, Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge is a luxury settlement in the style of the turn-of-the-century prospectors, complete with canvas tents and central guest outpost. Clayoquot offers guests an unforgettable experience of Vancouver Island’s Clayoquot Sound, where the landscape and wildlife combine in an enchanting adventure. Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge is open seasonally during the warmer months from May to September. In 2024, the lodge will welcome guests from May 23 – September 22, 2024 inclusive. In 2025, guests are welcomed from May 22 – September 21, 2025 inclusive. View and download our lodge facts and packages.

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Our Luxury

The Baillie Lodges experience embraces the luxury of travel. A stay with Baillie Lodges is about connection with the landscape, its culture and wildlife, a celebration of superb regional cuisine and luxurious lodgings. It offers a genuine sense of place, a union of sights, scents and tastes that immerses guests in their surrounds. Guest itineraries are tailor-made, creating a personal, lasting connection with the destination. A stay with Baillie Lodges offers time to reconnect with the people and places that matter most. Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge is the first international property in the Australia-based Baillie Lodges collection.

Our commitment to the environment

The Baillie Lodges environmental commitment is best expressed by each lodge’s interaction with its local natural and cultural surroundings.

The Baillie Lodges environmental commitment is best expressed by each lodge’s interaction with its local natural and cultural surroundings. A dynamic environmental management plan featuring advanced and emerging technologies steers lodge operations and ultimately enhances each guest’s experience. How we support travelling for good.



stay on single-use plastic is in place across the property, and wherever possible opt for glass and stainless-steel bottles and canvas tote bags. Straws are not used at all. Amenities in guest tents are presented in refillable glass and stainless-steel vessels.  



The provision of educational information is fundamental to guest experiences at Clayoquot. Guides share their knowledge to raise awareness around such themes as environmental protection and ecological impact mitigation – crucial in ensuring longevity of the natural world.




Clayoquot’s culinary program uses as many locally produced organic ingredients as possible, all of which are sourced from British Columbia – and always from Clayoquot Sound if available. An extensive kitchen garden and greenhouse produces organic fresh greens, vegetables and herbs.  



Since 2001, Clayoquot has worked to help regenerate the declining salmon population by creating new spawning habitat on the property and restoring native stocks to river systems. A keystone species, the lodge is passionate about safeguarding the future of wild salmon.

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Wild luxury

Canvas tents in the spirit of turn-of-the-century prospectors are studded along the banks of Clayoquot Sound and among the valley’s towering forests. Contemporary interiors complement period and local artisan-designed pieces to offer a decadent retreat.

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Island of plenty

Cuisine is fine, luxurious, and comforting - rooted in sustainable ingredients, sourced, foraged, and harvested almost entirely from Clayoquot Sound and Vancouver Island, and delivered daily to the resort by boat.

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Heaven sent

The Healing Grounds Spa offers a menu of rejuvenating treatments including hot stone massage and toning facials, Canadian glacial clay wraps, reflexology and yoga.


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