The spectacular Ursus Valley hike begins with a drive or bike up the valley followed by a paddle or wade across the Bedwell River to reach the trailhead on the far side of the bank. And that's just the beginning!

A popular option on the menu of hiking experiences, the Ursus Valley trail is best suited to experienced hikers given the varying terrain and significant distance. A great option if time is limited (or just to dial up the adrenaline) is to book a scenic helicopter trip.

1 Ursus River Run
2 Ursus River Run

Imagine: you’re at the half-way point and you round the bend of the river to see a gleaming helicopter perched on the bank. How easy to now jump in and soar high above the towering old-growth forest before skimming down to almost touch the Bedwell River!

Alternatively, arrange a heli transfer on the outbound leg of the walk and make your way back to base (with a guide, of course!).